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Welcome to LCA Courses. We provide a library of high-quality masterclasses and trainings to assist you with all aspects of your business. Check out our course catalog and get started right away.


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Our instructors have been hand-picked because they are thought leaders in their respected fields. Each topic is broken down into bite-sized video modules that you can watch at your own pace, on your own time.


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Chapter 2022 Recording Access

The long-awaited recording of the hit event --- Chapter 2022! This recording features a group of outstanding authors and speakers in real estate, business, mindset, and more, who will give you the nuggets and foundation you need to make the rest of 2022 a breakthrough year!


Hybrid Agent Investing in Real Estate - Brad Kiger

This masterclass will cover the process of building wealth and investing strategies, as well as how to leverage your position as an agent to create wealth. It will cover the fundamentals of the process and how to be more creative with your investments.


Facebook Ad Setup - Travis Thom

In this Masterclass, you'll learn all the technical aspects of Facebook Ads Manager, including the importance of the different elements within Ads Manager. After viewing this course, you'll be able to create ads easily, increasing leads and sales.


TikTok Mastery - Zach Foust

Take notes as Zach Foust covers important topics to make your TikTok video earn business for you. Learn the ins and outs on how TikTok operates and how to generate more business in this "not to be missed" masterclass.



High-Level Advice - Jason Abrams

Does your storytelling work? In this masterclass, learn how agents can get better at telling their stories. 


Newsletter Science - Ken Pozek

Think email is dead? Check out the new Premium Masterclass “Science of the Newsletter" with Ken Pozek and find out how 24% of his business came from his email newsletter. 


Tax for Real Estate Business - Greg Rodriguez

Maximize your profit through tax techniques. Learn the strategies to lower your tax dues.


Harnessing Internet Leads Advantage

Learn Tyler Shield's specific strategies in converting internet leads and how he seamlessly runs two real estate teams.



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